Cricut A homeschool moms BFF

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Cricut Maker 3

I purchased a Cricut Maker 3 for my husband. He was looking for a vinyl cutter that would be small enough for the space we have. During my search I came across Cricut. Sure, I had seen these little cutters at craft stores off and on for years but I couldn’t figure out why, anyone who was a scrapbooker would ever be inclined to use one.

Well people, turns out I was wrong. So wrong.  The Cricut Maker and Cricut Maker 3 are a incredible multitasking machines. I’m not getting paid for this or even getting anything free. In fact, I’ve paid them and am fully satisfied with my purchase. This is a machine I fully see us using for years to come.

It does everything! You want cute cutouts in any shape or size to hang on your classroom wall…Done! You want vinyl to decorate and organize every square inch of your classroom…Done! You want to make cute borders to decorate your black board…Done! Teaching your students how to sew for home ec? Yes, it can cut patterns for you too. Wanna build a science project that looks amazing? Just tell it what to do. I’m pretty sure this thing could make me dinner if I asked it to.

Cricut Maker Bundle

Here is the list of what my Maker 3 can do:

Cuts 300+ materials
Cuts vinyl, wood, chipboard, aluminum, and sewing patterns
Can easily make paper cards for whatever your needs are
Metal foil

This may be my favorite multi tasking machine ever. If you have ever been to the teaching supply store you realize just how expensive just a few of these things can get. The cost of this one device definitely is worth it in my opinion. I can use it not just for teaching, but for art projects and gift ideas for friends. It’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

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